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Dog Show

February 2017

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Best Puppy - (Up to 18 months)

Best Adult Dog - (18 mths to 7 yrs)

Best Rescued Dog

Dog that most resembles their owner

Best in Show

1st - Boz

2nd - Henry

3rd - Oscar

1st - Dobby

1st - Bailey

2nd- Olly

3rd - Red

1st - Maggie


Our 2017 Dog Show once again was a huge success raising £540 for Kozy Katz. Thank you to everyone who came along to join us and show your lovely dogs.

A special thank you really must go to all the volunteers who come along to help make our events successful.

Below are the winners with a collage at the bottom with a variety of pictures taken throughout the day!

2nd - Missy

Best Mature Dog - (18 mths to 7 yrs)

1st - Tizer

2nd- Teddy

3rd - Poppy