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Dog Show

February 2015

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All 1st Place Winners (from left to right)

Igor (78)   - Best Adult  

Harry (82) - Best Puppy

Daisy-May (76) - Best Rescue

Pebbles (58) - Dog the judges would like to take home

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Best Puppy

1st -  Harry (82)

2nd - Bruce (29)

3rd - Hooch (3)

Best Adult Dog

1st -  Igor (78)

2nd - Stella (12)

3rd - Amber (75)

Best Mature Dog

1st -  Gelert (56)

2nd - Haggis (8)

3rd - Harry (64)

Best Rescue Dog

1st -  Daisy-May (76)

2nd - Lola-Louise (84)

Dog judges would like to take home

1st -  Pebbles (58)

2nd - Tess (26)

Best in Show

Harry (82)

Our Dog Show for 2015 was an amazing success. We had a brilliant day with more than a hundred entrants. The top collage of pictures are a selection of the dogs that attended with their very proud owners. Scroll down and you will see the winners of all the different classes and at the bottom of the page is a collage of more attendees and some of the activities on the day!

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